Dog Diggin Designs Libation Station Collection | Unique Squeaky Plush Dog Toys – Shaken, Not Stirred (Robert MUTTdavi Wine)

Dog Diggin Designs Libation Station Collection

Dog Diggn Designs Libation Station Collection looked to reintroduce our best friends as the life of the party. Ruff days don’t have to end so. We talked to our Master Brewer at our Dog-Stillery and spent countless summer vacations at Napaw Valley to research the finest ingredients and combinations. We only settled for paw-crafted to create a sophisticated and smooth taste that our four legged friends would whine for.

Let your dog have a blast of pooch hooch! These toys give ampawl op-paw-tunity to bond with your best friend. Start ruff-housing, rolling over, wrestling. Enjoy mind-beagling entertainment. Play and love are the meat and drink of life. Drink in the joy you’ll create in your dog’s life with these fun, adorable, de-vine stuffies.

Don’t worry, be yappy!

One More Round, Bartender

The favorite beverage toy of the most interesting dog in the world is accented by the super cool Dogverse ‘Chucks.’ Don’t forget to grab your iBone on the way to the local pub. Stay thirsty, my dog friends!

Product Features

  • Top Shelf. Premium liquor and beer carried here for you canine’s fine palette. No ID’s required.
  • Bottom’s Up. Floppy ears and all, these pet toys will forever memorialize picture perfect moments.
  • Ingredients. These concoctions have plush soft exterior with the ultimate squeaky sensation inside.
  • Happy Hour! Nip it, shake it, toss it, slurp it. Just let them enjoy it before you cut them off!
  • Stock Up. Perfect gift to round out your canine’s cellar. Every year is vintage for these toys!

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  1. Cute dog toy! Our daughter bought this toy for our dogs. One dog took ownership of it, and gently carried it everywhere with him. Last month we babysat another dog for an extended period. He took the “barkardi” and annihilated it. After he went back home, I replaced the toy for our dog. It is reasonably durable. We have 3 dachshunds that tear up toys and remove squeakers within the first 30 minutes of having a new toy. Although a bit on the pricey side, this toy has held up slightly better than…

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