Spark LED Technology 12 Lumens Wine Bottle USB Rechargeable Cork Light, White, Set of 2

This is the perfect decorative table lamp. Use these amazing novelty lights to turn any empty wine or spirit bottle into a romantic mood light. The more ornate the bottle, the better! Watch the light refract in a kaleidoscope of beauty. The Cork light is simple to charge and simple to use. To charge, simply remove the cork to expose the USB plug for charging. To turn on and off, just twist the external light. The built-in USB charging plug allows you to charge in 30 minutes with no moving parts. The Cork light is multi-functional and can be used both as a decorative light for empty wine, spirit, and beer bottles, but also functions as an illuminating light for stairways, pathways, and can provide safety lights for an entire room during a blackout. This wine light can be used both inside and out – perfect for windy nights and provides a light for up to 2 hours. Delivered as a package of two lights, you can always be sure of having at least one light fully charged, while the other charges in roughly 20 minutes! This product is powered by a USB rechargeable, internal 60 mAh polymer lithium ion battery which cannot be replaced.

Product Features

  • Brightest wine bottle light on market 12 lumens & 18,000 MCD the experts at spark LED have delivered something up to 50% brighter than competitors
  • Quick charging 20 minutes to full charge in any standard USB port – two times as fast as the leading brand
  • Fits most any bottle wine bottles and spirit
  • Perfect mood light easily turn your empties into beautiful center pieces or accents
  • Fits openings as narrow as 1/2 inch and as large as 1 inch

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