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Just what I was looking for! These are exactly what I’ve been looking for. I wanted something nicer than a paper cup, with no stem (too tippy) and unbreakable. We like to go to concerts on the beach and camp in our RV and glass is frowned upon. These are excellent! They stack for storing, are super lightweight and yet durable. I dropped one from about 6ft high and it went skating across my Mexican tile floor and when I went and retrieved it there wasn’t so much as a scratch or nick. Great price and with 12 of them I…

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Oenophilia Porto Sippers – Set of 4
A novelty for the Port aficionado Ok, I love port and had to get these glasses to try them out. The feel very elegant and add a new dimension to tasting port as you can sip the port from the bottom. These glasses are very delicate and they arrived without any damage. I would warn you about two things. 1) They are delicate and should be handled with care. The glass straws could chip easily, they are well constructed… Just delicate. 2) I would rinse these out as soon as you are done using them…Overall: Good…

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