BruMate Uncork’d Insulated Stainless Steel Wine Glass 14oz (Peach)

Our Stainless Steel Uncork’d XL Wine Glasses are the largest triple-insulated, stainless steel wine glass in the world. They were designed to hold 14oz of your favorite wine and keep it the same temperature from the time you uncork your bottle and pour until the last drop. Holds over 1/2 a bottle of wine. Limited Lifetime Warranty.

* Please make note that this is a painted finish. Do not put in abrasive cup-holders or other abrasive areas to prevent damage to the painted surface.

Product Features

  • Holds over 1/2 bottle of wine
  • 6 Hours Cold / 3 Hours Hot
  • Made Out of 18/8 Stainless Steel
  • Splash-Proof Lid (NOT SPILL PROOF)
  • No More Broken Glasses

3 thoughts on “BruMate Uncork’d Insulated Stainless Steel Wine Glass 14oz (Peach)

  1. Cool Drink Cup – literally This cup is awesome! I was eager to try this cup today, especially in the humid summer weather. After opening the cute color-coordinated box, I easily removed the product label and gave my cup a quick hand washing (care instructions say to only hand wash item). Then I poured my iced coffee in the cup and popped on the lid, which has a neat slide opening so I can be sure not to lose a precious drop of my iced coffee if my cup accidentally turns sideways. The bottom of the cup has a non-skid…

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  2. It is a brilliant peacock blue First off, the image on Amazon does not do this gorgeous cup justice. It is a brilliant peacock blue, with rainbow effect from the glitter. Even my own kitchen lights and cell phone camera don’t get this quite right.The lid is clear, which is great for visualizing how much yumminess is left in the cup. It has a slider for the mouth, which is pretty effective against accidental tip overs. The lid seal is great, it takes a little oomph to take the lid off.As for the…

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  3. 12/10 This glass is exactly what I never knew I needed. As the description says, it’s not completely spill-proof. But what it does do is keep bugs out of my wine when I sit outside and it keeps the ever present dog hair clear of my wine as well. What could be the best part, however, is it’s capacity! I love being able to fill this up and then not have to get up to fill it again! It keeps my drink (of any choice) at just the right temperature until I’m finished. I’ve now purchased multiple so I always…

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