Comment on Wine-A-Rita Mix-It-Up: Five Delicious Margarita Flavor Packets – Make a Great Drink with Mix, Ice, Wine and a Blender 5-6 oz packs (30 oz) 5-170 g packs (850 g) by KJSmith630.

YUM! Who cares what the package looks like! My best friend turned me on to these. She’s a wine Lover as is the hubby, I AM NOT! That said, these mixes are AWESOME! I enjoy each flavor.. Note: read directions b/c the blueberry/ pom does call for red wine as opposed to White with the other flavors (though is still delish with white wine in it)..I understand people are complaining about the packaging. But the multi-pack comes in a cute box. The singles come in individual paper boxes. Its a powdered mix so it needs to be in a plastic…

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Wine Cork Holder – Metal Monogram Letter (B)
Love it! It’s sturdy and stands alone

Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving
Great book, no matter your skill level I got this book about three weeks ago, having never canned or preserved, and I was completely impressed. Using the recipes inside, I’ve made pickled ocra, green beans, brandied cherries, sweet asparagus, and the hands down best pickle relish I’ve ever had in my life. It has hundreds of recipes, and they are all wonderful. If you’re into fruit preserves or jams, sweet or dill pickles, slasas, relishes, chutneys, condiments, you name it, there are dozens of recipes of each type of food. I’ll…

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