Comment on SONGMICS Luxury Extendable Bathtub Caddy Tray with Book and Wine Holder, Bamboo Wood Bathroom Organizer Bed Tray Free Soap Grey UBCB88GY by Anne M Clark.

Exactly as pictured I just received my caddy and am thrilled with its appearance and quality. Prior to buying this product, I read every review on numerous bamboo bathtub caddies that I was considering. I checked and compared caddies on several other websites. I kept coming back to this caddy. Why? It gives me the most bang for my buck! First, it arrived within a few days after ordering. There was a warning to watch for splinters while unwrapping. Scary, huh? No problem, as this could easily be remedied…

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Polar Tech 749T Top Load 12 Wine/Champagne Bottle Foam Shipper
Perfect for shipping 22oz/750ml sized bottles You do not have to buy a separate box, re-use the one it comes in.The shipper comes in a box that measures 18x16x16.5 which is slightly bigger than the foam shipper itself which measures 17.5x12x15 (so there is about 4″ of empty space between the shipper and the box on one side), but this means you do not have to buy the box that is made for the shipper which costs around $10 (I think you have to buy a pack of 2 for $20), just re-use the Amazon box that it came in and fill the…

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