Ecooe Red Wine Glasses, With Rhinestone Stem, Set of 2, 460ml / 16oz( Full Capacity)

A fine treat for yourself and a wonderful gift.

Outstanding Material, Design, and Craftsmanship
A dream wine glass, crafted with fine crystal, with its thin and smooth rim, rhinestone long stem and perfectly cut base, lets you enjoy the rich flavor and the vision of joy. Besides, it’s also great addition to your bar table.

Delicate Gift Packing
A set of stunning wine glass packed in a classic royal blue ribbon gift box, this will be a super surprise for anyone who receives it.

Cleaning Tips
Hand wash is recommended.
Clean after every use.
Steep the glass in warm water; rinse with running water, and wipe clean with soft cotton cloth.

Capacity:460ml / 16 oz
Height: 24.3 cm / 9.25 in
Weight: 235g / 8.3 oz
All glass articles are brittle, so please be careful when using or washing.

Product Features

  • Large Capacity: 460ml / 16 oz, this wine glass with a stout bulb shape, increases the surface area of the wine, and allows the wine to breathe and creates the aroma.
  • Exquisite Craftsmanship: The rim is crafted thin and smooth for a better taste touch, while the tapered shape also helps to hold the aroma of your wine.
  • Ultra-Clear Crystal: Crystal is a lead-free chemical composition, and a great choice for wine glasses. It not only presents its beautiful sparkle, also looks stunning of its delicate design.
  • Unique Stem Design: With its elegant bowl fusing, the shining rhinestone stem, and the perfect cutting base, this glass will serve a fine treat on any occasions.
  • Gift Package Set: Carefully packed with classic royal blue ribbon gift box, surrounded with soft and silky fabric, this is a wonderful gift choice for most wine drinkers.

2 thoughts on “Ecooe Red Wine Glasses, With Rhinestone Stem, Set of 2, 460ml / 16oz( Full Capacity)

  1. GORGEOUS Stem. Looks like you paid much more!! Well packed, great price, BEAUTIFUL glass/stem!!! I completely love this glass. The bowl is perfect size and it’s wide enough at the top where you’re not hitting your nose with the edge of the glass when you drink from it. I hate that!LOVE this.The ONLY con is that the bottom, while gorgeous (pretty cut) is so flat that it “sticks” to the table so I use a coaster underneath or just tip the glass a bit when picking it up. There should be a little dimple underneath the…

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