Rabbit Wine Opener with Best Wine Accessories – Rabbit Vertical Corkscrew, Foil Cutter, Extra Spiral, Rabbit Wine Aerator Pourer, Rabbit Wine and Beverage Bottle Stopper

Metrokane Rabbit Vertical Corkscrew

Pop the Cork with Style The Rabbit Vertical Corkscrew features an innovative standing design that easily removes corks in just three seconds. Simply place it on the bottle, lower the handle to engage the cork, and then raise the handle to remove it. Another push of the lever ejects the cork. Its sleek,

modern design has a sophisticated look that compliments decor and barware alike. This corkscrew is compatible with all types of corks, including plastic and synthetic.

The Rabbit Vertical Corkscrew also includes a handy foil cutter for easy cork access and one replacement spiral. Take your wine to the next level Improve the flavor and bouquet of your next glass of wine with the Rabbit Aerating Pourer. Simply insert the Rabbit Aerating Pourer into a wine bottle as you would a conventional pourer and pour. No need for a decanter!

The Rabbit Aerating Pourer is the first easy, uncomplicated way to aerate wine. Metrokane 6121 Rabbit Wine/Beverage Bottle Stoppers What better way to unwind after a long day at the office than enjoying a nice glass of wine? But then you are left with the rest of the bottle and wondering, how do you preserve that freshness? Our soft, cushy wine bottle stoppers provide an air-tight seal that are perfect for sealing wine. EASE OF USE Part of the Preserve line, the Rabbit Bottle Stoppers are not just for sealing wine. They are made of rubber and stainless steel so their soft texture allows them to provide an air-tight seal in all bottle sizes including wine, champagne, soda, and oil and vinegar. Clean up is easy – these bottle stoppers are dishwasher safe and reusable. WHAT YOU GET You will receive an assortment of four bright, fun colored wine

Product Features

  • TOP RATED ORIGINAL RABBIT CORKSCREW WINE OPENER – Best Selling Set includes Rabbit Vertical Corkscrew, Foil Cutter, Extra Spiral, Plus FREE Rabbit Wine Bottle Stoppers 2-Pack (Assorted Colors.) A sleek presentation case, perfect for gift giving. A grab of a deal on the top of the line in the market! Don’t get fooled by cheap after market.
  • FASTER THAN A SPEEDING BUNNY – Pulls a cork in 3 seconds flat. Automatically releases cork, no pain – just pleasure. Those with hand pain, RSI or arthritis – this corkscrew is for you. Opening a bottle of wine has never been easier. Open bottle after bottle quickly and easily, NO PAIN. Professional bartenders use corkscrews like this all day, all the time.
  • RABBIT WINE BOTTLE STOPPERS – The best, most durable and long lasting ever found. Top of the line quality, easy to use and re-use. Provides an air-tight seal to prolong and preserve opened bottles of wine. Fits all bottle sizes and it’s a fun and practical party flavor.
  • DURABLE QUALITY – The tools in this kit are backed by 10 year warranty. High-tech tool with ten-year warranty – with 51 metal and plastic parts assembled into a powerful high-tech tool, the Rabbit Corkscrew has been tested for 20,000 cork pulls. Therefore Metrokane can offer this amazing 10-year warranty. Tools are constructed from rugged, lightweight poly-carbonate for long service life.
  • WINE AND DINE – Wine and Dine in style with this elegant, classy wine opener bundled with Rabbit Wine Stoppers to keep your wine fresh and sealed for long-term storage. With Rabbit your hands won’t ever get screwed up again and it’ll add a whole new dimension to your dining!

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