The Melting Pot’s Garlic & Wine Seasoning

Make space in your cupboards next to the salt and pepper shakers for The Melting Pot’s Garlic & Wine Seasoning. Two culinary ingredients – garlic and wine, make this versatile seasoning a must-have for every kitchen. This irresistible seasoning takes your favorite foods to the next level, including chicken, salads, pizza, shrimp and burgers. Want to really take things up a notch? Try this seasoning on popcorn, scrambled eggs, tacos and homemade cheese fondue. With endless recipe possibilities, what will be your favorite way to enjoy Garlic & Wine Seasoning?

Product Features

  • Originally made for The Melting Pot, the world’s premier fondue restaurant
  • Made with two classic culinary ingredients – garlic and wine.
  • Gluten free and 0 cholesterol.
  • A versatile seasoning for chicken, salads, roasted vegetables, pasta and even popcorn.
  • Makes every dish pop with flavor!

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