Wine Lipstick, Efly wine lipstick set 6 colors Waterproof Long Lasting Make Up Wine Gloss Matte Lip Sticks Wine Bottle

1.Long-lasting + Waterproof
2. This product is made of high-grade material, which is easy to color, not stick cup and never fade away.
3. With a red wine bottle shape design, which is fashionable and beautiful among young people. It keeps your lip soft and moisturized, and let your lip become more healthy and sexy. 6 colors available, which suit every style and any occasion.
4.The long lasting and waterproof effect can help you show your beauty at any time.
To make wine for the inspiration and the center of a series of make up. The lip gloss kit is the more lovely shell made of a red bottle shape. Usage: 1. Apply at the middle point of the lips, and then lip brush along the contour lips, thin lips painted, to show sexy beautiful lips.
2. If you have particularly dry lips, especially in the fall and winter seasons, then before using the lipstick,you can apply on the lips for 3 to 5 minutes with a hot wet towel , then use a soft brush to gently brush the dead skin, after using the lipstick, the lipstick last.
3. In addition, usually on the lip to be properly maintained, including massage, the use of nutritional supplements. Lips care can use honey, olive oil or Vaseline, coat the lips at night before going to sleep, the next day it will become full moist lips, lipstick effect on the makeup will be better.
6 colors Matte Lip Gloss

Product Features

  • ★ WATERPROOF AND LONG LASTING MOISTURIZED – It’s would not stick on cup, after drying no color or flakes coming off, lips don’t feel dry at all.
  • ★ CONTAINING PREMIUM WINE EXTRACTS – These containing extracts from France premium wine for a stronger moisturizing and covering effect.
  • ★ SUPER PIGMENTED: Very pigmented and really do stain, it dries super fast and has stayed on well so far
  • ★ KINDLY NOTE: It’s long lasting and you need multiple scrubs with your cleanser to remove it, or using makeup remover or olive oil to remove the lip tint will be easier
  • ★ GREAT GIFT: Especially for wine lovers and makeup lovers. To make wine for the inspiration and the center of a series of makeup

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