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Perfect whether you’re just sitting on the couch watching a movie, taking a drink on the go or hanging at the beach These are THE best drink cups!! I originally saw them on the daily deals and I’m an avid wine-o so I decided to scoop one up for $7 thinking it wasn’t a big deal if it turned out to be a bust and turns out its the furthest thing from that! My boyfriend (who is more of a gin and tonic guy) also fell in love with these cups as they keep drinks super cold and the ice holds for longer. Since he loved them so much I bought him 2 of his own since the rose gold and multi color are a bit girly haha…

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Wine Tasting Notebook
Great forms, but is it practical The first part of this little book is a discussion of wine tasting linked to the forms that make up the bulk of the book. While the discussion is intersting and may be useful to someone with very little knowledge of wine, there are other, better books for the purpose of helping a wine drinker learn to taste and appreciate.The bulk of the book is made up of blank tasting forms. These forms are among the best that I’ve seen to help a wine drinker really reflect on and capture thoughts…

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