Wine-A-Rita Mix It Up Frozen Wine Drinks

Add a little excitement to your night with the Wine-A-Rita Kit! Just add your favorite red or white wine, the Wine-A-Rita mix and ice to a blender for a delicious, cold beverage. Includes 5 flavors: Wine Glace, Peach Bellini, CosmoRita, Senorita and Blueberry Pomegranate Perfect for any occasion Use other drinks than wine to make non-alcoholic beverages Kosher</li

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  1. Wine-A-Rita frozen wine drinks are…interesting. First and foremost, Wine-A-Ritas are sweet, sweet, sweet. I figured I would start the review with that because a few of you might have no desire to read further. Even the sour-ish ones are exceptionally sweet. Now, if you’re still with me, I’ll give the full review.Wine-A-Rita mixes are bags of powder that you add, not surprisingly, to wine (and ice) to make a sweet frozen drink. The type of wine you use is up to you, and you will…

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