Leather Bota Bag – Wine Skin by Franmara

Traditional Spanish bota bags are lined with a goat’s bladder. We know you love the ease of use and convenience of a wineskin, but does anyone really want to drink from a goat’s bladder? * Luckily, this modern adaptation retains the premium leather exterior but utilizes a food-grade latex lining that stops leaks dead in their tracks. Carry your wine (or beer, or liquor, or water, or…you get the point) in worry-free, lightweight style, confident in the knowledge that somewhere out there is a thankful goat with a bladder full of goat pee. * Specs – Capacity: 1 Liter.

Product Features

  • Holds one liter.
  • Genuine Spanish 1-liter leather bota bag.
  • Latex inner lining.
  • Makes a great gift.
  • Strap included for easy carrying.

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