Wine Cats

From the authors of the best-selling Wine Dogs series, comes this latest homage to the animals behind the wines we love.

Wherever good wine is made, you are likely to find a cat snoozing in a sun-drenched tasting room or prowling around the winery. Wine Cats features over 90 wineries from around the world and over 100 stunning photos of their resident moggies.

Along the way, the felines are interspersed with short essays by well-known wine writers and viticultural personalities.

Find out which cat can eat its own body-weight in papaya, who is the McLaren Vale chicken impersonator, and uncover Napa’s reluctant next top model.

Wine Cats is a photographic journal of stunning pictures and great stories: created all for the love of cats and wine.

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  1. Beautiful photography combining two of her favorite subjects earned this … My wife owns a wine bar and got to meet several of these cats a while back while visiting some of her source wineries. On her return we got to talking about our own plans for a vineyard, and how many cats she wanted on the farm, so naturally I Googled “wine cats” and found this straight away. Two days later she was giggling with her fellow cat freaks at the bar over this book, so mission accomplished.Beautiful photography combining two of her favorite subjects earned this an…

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