Wine Decanter & Accessories (Cork Stopper + Cleaning Beads) – 100% Lead-Free Crystal Wine Carafe – Unique Gift Idea


Ever wondered why some wines taste much better when dining out than at home? The secret is decanting.
Due to the bottling process and tannins, wine straight out of the bottle is very tight and closed on the nose. Contact with oxygen opens it up and softens the tannins.

Decanting will transform any young average white or red wine into a very decent beverage!

Your Decanter Set Box comes with everything needed for perfect decanting:
• 1x Crystal Glass Decanter – with a total capacity of 1800 ml (60oz)
• 1x Cork Stopper
• 1x Box of Stainless Steel Cleaning Beads (300 pieces)
• 1x Robust and Beautifully Designed Color Box with Instructions

Highlights of your Set
– MAXIMUM AERATION – its unique hand-crafted design allows for 2 steps wine aeration: while pouring and when sitting still inside the carafe.
– EXTRA WIDE BASE – provides stability while catching unwanted sediments.
– ELEGANT – replace the usual plain bottle and entertain your guest with this exclusive artisan decanter!
– HEALTH SAFE – 100% guaranteed lead free.
– ROBUST STYROFOAM PACKAGING – No risk of breakage during transport.
– and most important… DISHWASHER SAFE!

Product Features

  • ★ LIMITED TIME OFFER ★ Drying stand 50% off with your decanter. Keep it safe and dry for only $9.95. Simply add both to cart!
  • Included Accessories – Cork stopper to protect your wine from flies and dust & Stainless Steel beads specially designed to remove red wine stains from your carafe.
  • For optimum aeration, decanter fits a full standard 750ml bottle at the widest point (1800ml – 60oz. total capacity).
  • Lead-free & Hand-blown Premium grade Crystal Glass. Health safe and free from imperfections.
  • Lightweight and Sturdy. Easy to handle while strong enough to use with stone countertops. Slanted top for easy drip-less pour.

3 thoughts on “Wine Decanter & Accessories (Cork Stopper + Cleaning Beads) – 100% Lead-Free Crystal Wine Carafe – Unique Gift Idea

  1. Beatiful decanter Beautiful! This looks amazing and perfectly fits a bottle of wine. The cork is exactly what I have been looking for in a decanter as I cant drink a whole bottle in a sitting and its nice to place to prevent and bugs being attracted to it. The cleaning beads are an added bonus. This is the perfect combination to get in a decanter. My guests also all commented about how beautiful it looked. It certainly impressed.EDIT: I still love this decanter but I have since come to realize that…

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  2. Overall satisfied with this product Overall satisfied with this product. However it was packaged very poorly. The cleaning beads (ball bearings) were not sealed in the container they came in and ended up all over the box, which ended up all over the floor when we opened the package. So I have about 1 quarter of the cleaning beads that I should have. It’s the little things like that, which keep companies from getting a 5 Star review. I mean I paid for the whole thing… I’d like to get all of it. But hey it wasn’t broken when I…

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