Wonpurs Wine Opener Electric Corkscrew Wine Bottle Opener Battery Operated with Foil Cutter base

How to use the Electric Wine Opener?
1,Before removing the cork, place the foil cutter on top of a bottle of wine and press inward and twist to cut and remove the wine bottle seal.
2,(Note: Hold the wine bottle in one hand to keep it stable), the other hand place the cordless wine opener over the corked wine bottle. keep pressing the down botton you will be able to see the cork start to pull up and out of the bottle! Once it pops out, You can pick up the wine opener, then press the up botton which will drop the cork . In total, it will take you about 6-8 seconds to open the bottle stopper, 6 seconds to drop the cork.

Why Do You choose this portable wine opener ?

– A luxury electric wine opener set that lets you enjoy a glass of wine wherever you are.Designed to fit all traditional wine bottles, this sleek, portable wine opener opens a bottle of wine in seconds, with fast, zero-effort cork removal. Used as kitchen small appliance,bar essential tools, party entertainment choice.

1.It is recommended to use high-performance batteries to ensure better efficiency.
2.Properly load the battery following the direction in illustration. Do not install battery in reverse.
3.Unload the battery after opener is used, so as to avoid battery leakage from corroding parts.
4.Do not touch the drill bit during the processing to avoid injury.

Warranty: 1 year(please contact us)
Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Size:9.25*1.77 inch
Type of battery: 4pcs AA battery (Not include)
Working noise: <70dB (Ambient noise less than 50 dB)
Weight: 265g

Package Included:

1* Electric Wine Opener(Not include battery)
1* Foil cutter
1* User Manual

Product Features

  • Easy to operate, sensitive botton,down button pulls the cork out of the bottle,up button drops the cork.
  • Fast and portable electric corkscrew opener, Opening Speed<8s ,transparent shell design makes the entire cork removal process visual.
  • The wine opener accessories with Two-in-One function,can be used as a base stand and a foil cutter.
  • The electric wine bottle opener is a battery power design that can be used simply by installing the AA battery.
  • The ultimate partner to open wine,the portable wine opener suitable for family,restaurant,party.

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  1. Good quality product, very easy to use A fine working, robust, easy to use wine opener. Arrived in a good packaging and immediately tried it on a $150 Pomerol Bordeaux bottle. Took me only 5 seconds and the wine was ready to go into the decanter.Got a cheaper electric wine opener before that was really flimsy and did not last long time. This one is really sturdy and well made with a stainless steel housing. Also the motor has much good power to take out the cork…

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