Comment on Yacht Club LX Wine Glass 12 oz St Tropez Turquoise with Lid, Vacuum Insulated, Double-Wall Stainless Steel Tumbler for Boating, Outdoor, Camping. Shatterproof and Stemless by Jin Wang.

The wine didn???t overheat and it stayed at an ideal temperature for the duration of the entire time

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HailiCare 6 Colors Wine Matte Lip Tint Waterproof Lipstick Lip Gloss 6pcs/lot
After reading the reviews on this product i expected these lipsticks to be too bright and not at all long lasting but I am thrilled to say they are not. I swatched the colors on my pale skin and they are deep colors, even the pink isn’t overwhelming. The colors didn’t fade even after I washed my arm with soap and water, yet the color I put on my lips came off easily with a makeup wipe. Photos are before and after washing with soap and water. About a minute after applying some very small color…

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