That’s what dozens of suppliers told us. Yet here we are.

Yacht Club LX Wine Glasses were born in an unheard-of, ultra-small production run of only 200. Many were lost to the complicated (and expensive) process of combining 4 unique logos & colors into one set. Others didn’t survive Yacht Club’s quality standards. Now, only 100 remain for those who appreciate design and value the opportunity to own something beautiful.

We could have built a cheap, steel wine set, put it in a brown box, and called it a day. It certainly would have been easier. But we dreamed to create something meaningful and beautiful.

Our wine sets are built to transport you on beautiful journeys to faraway worlds and remote island destinations – away from the mainland, strip malls, crowded buses, and highways

Dip into the warm blue waters of Mykonos
Go Yacht hopping in the turquoise waters of St Tropez
Traverse the white glaciers of Iceland
Dance into the purple sunset on Ibiza
Surf the waves in Waikiki, Hawaii
Suntan on Miami Beach
Meditate in the green jungles of Bali

Each destination is significant – its color reflects its culture

We cannot promise how long these destinations will be in stock or if we will produce these again.

For our next production run, we are already looking forward, dreaming of the warm breeze of the Mediterranean coast and the soft winds of the Caribbean.
Whenever, or Wherever you join the Yacht Club LX journey, We promise you tumblers that are beautifully unique and functional, which you will love using for the rest of your life.

Yacht Club LX Wine Glasses are perfect for the traveler and romantic in all of us. Dream of beautiful destinations and beautiful days and bring these stylish wine glasses alongside you on your life of adventure and love.

Product Features

  • 💡 SINGLE COLOR NOW AVAILABLE: You asked and we delivered! Now you can Choose your favorite YACHT CLUB LX PARADISE from 8 Destinations. YACHTCLUBLX Singles are ULTRA-LIMITED in supply – Consider these limited editions. You may never see this model produced ever again. In our next production run, we will aim to bring you the wonders of the Caribbean paradise islands as well as further explore the Mediterranean coast
  • ☀️🏄 Fun in the Sun – Enjoy ice-cold beverages thanks to your Double-Walled Vacuum-Insulation tumblers in the hot sun by the pool, beach, yacht, hike, or picnic. Our mission is to help you enjoy cold drinks outdoors – while staying hydrated and stylish with YACHT CLUB wine glasses by your side, keeping your champagne, wine, coffee, water, tea, or cocktails ice-cold and refreshing
  • ✈️ Dream of Travel is in our DNA – We believe in encouraging exploration of the ocean and the world. Mykonos is a remote Greek island with stunning coastal beach views and famous blue-capped domes, the inspiration for Mykonos Blue
  • ❗ Note: Singles include YACHT CLUB LX velvet carry bags with drawstring and plain brown box. (we’re currently changing our box supplier, please bear with us). Treat yourself or a friend to an ideal summer poolside gift and watch their eyes light up when they open the velvet drawstring and discover what beautiful color and destination awaits them
  • 👨‍✈️ Yacht Club LX Concierge: We love hearing from our customers and treating them like royalty. Contact us anytime with concerns or questions and we will deliver attentive customer support. Importantly, we know how busy you are, and we promise not to spam you. But we do appreciate you sharing your feedback for others in a product review. Thank you!

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