Winebetter WB-168 Smart Wine Decanter | Electric Wine Aerator with Bluetooth Speakers | Portable – Wireless – Electronic Rechargeable Battery

Introducing Winebetter WB-168, a wine connoisseurs dream smart home-apliance. Winebetter is an electric wine decanter that simultaneously spins and oxygenates to fully aerate wine in just minutes. Our luxury bottle fits atop our decanting base system that, when running, spins a magnet that creates a spin of the wine. The smart wine system will notify you when the wine is done aerating, and the oxygen level is at its desired mark. (We recommend 10 min of decanting, or an 80% oxygen level). Winebetter includes the wireless smart decanting system, a luxury decanter bottle, 2 magnetic spins, an auxiliary audio cord (In case bluetooth is unavailable), and of course a system charger.

Product Features

  • 🍷 Optimal & Quick Aeration: Winebetter’s patented smart aerating technology does hours of traditional decanting in just minutes. The automatic motor will gently spin and oxygenate the wine until the oxygen level is at it’s respective amount.
  • 🍷 Works with Any Liquor: Winebetter doesn’t just enhance the flavor of wine, it works with any liquor. Aerate wine, spirits, rum, whiskey, tequila, vodka, gin, scotch; You name it, Winebetter can decant it.
  • 🍷 Built-In Bluetooth Speakers: What better way to spend the time waiting for wine to decant than by listening to your favorite music? The Winebetter system features bluetooth speakers and an audio-auxiliary jack so you can play music whenever, wherever you may take it.
  • 🍷 Wireless & Portable: Winebetter’s large rechargeable li-polymer battery makes it the perfect cordless wine accessory. You can take Winebetter wherever the wine goes, from a picnic to a friend’s house. Impress your friends and family with better tasting wine in minutes.
  • 🍷 The Ultimate Wine Enthusiast Gadget: Winebetter is the future of decanting. Why wait hours for wine to optimally decant when it can now be done in minutes? Plus, with the easy clean decanting bottle included, you can enjoy the no hassle cleaning process of the Winebetter WB-168.

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