ChirpyTop Wine Pourer (Brown/Copper) by Gurgle Pot

Add a touch of whimsy to your table with a ChirpyTop wine pourer. Serves your wine with a delightful “chirping” sound and keeps the drips off the table.

Product Features

  • Unique hidden whistle naturally creates “chirping” sound while pouring
  • Stainless steel tubes and silicone rubber
  • Drip-free pour
  • Fits standard wine bottles
  • Hand wash

2 thoughts on “ChirpyTop Wine Pourer (Brown/Copper) by Gurgle Pot

  1. … I had seen it at a friends house and loved it, unfortunately the one I got did not … This is a cute addition to any wine and aviary enthusiast’s collection of wine gadgetsFunctionality – It really chirps like a bird. Sort of a high pitched glug-glug noise. the wine does not come out the sides and the stopper works well in every bottle I’ve tried it on so far.Problems – This isn’t necessarily a problem, but the reason it gets 4 stars. If your spending over $20 for a plastic bird you should expect it to do something other than just chirp if your going to…

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