Developed by experts, see, smell, taste glasses by Riedel are designed for the optimum enjoyment of wines. See – sparkling, Clear, brilliant crystal shows the true colors and depths of the wine. Smell – each grape varietal specific bowl presents the wines aromas in the best way possible, opening up the wine to reveal every subtle Nuance. Taste – each glass delivers the wine perfectly onto the palate, balancing and harmonizing the fruit, acidity and tannins and highlighting the wines delicious flavors. Sst – see, smell, taste – an ideal essential wine accessory which turns every Sip of wine into a celebration!.

Product Features

  • Sst – see, smell, taste – glasses designed for the optimum enjoyment of wines
  • Machine blown crystal rose champagne/rose glasses
  • Grape varietal-specific bowl with delicate rim
  • Dishwasher safe

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