Riedel SST (SEE, SMELL, TASTE) Shiraz Wine Glass, Set of 2

Developed by experts, see, smell, taste glasses by Riedel are designed for the optimum enjoyment of wines. See – sparkling, Clear, brilliant crystal shows the true colors and depths of the wine. Smell – each grape varietal specific bowl presents the wines aromas in the best way possible, opening up the wine to reveal every subtle Nuance. Taste – each glass delivers the wine perfectly onto the palate, balancing and harmonizing the fruit, acidity and tannins and highlighting the wines delicious flavors. Sst – see, smell, taste – the perfect essential wine accessory which turns every Sip of wine into a celebration!.

Product Features

  • Sst – see, smell, taste – glasses designed for the optimum enjoyment of wines
  • Machine blown crystal Shiraz glasses
  • Grape varietal-specific bowl with delicate rim
  • Dishwasher safe

3 thoughts on “Riedel SST (SEE, SMELL, TASTE) Shiraz Wine Glass, Set of 2

  1. Large, elegant wine glasses Years ago, I read an article in the New York Times (March 16, 2017) about choosing wine glasses. The article mentioned a set from Riedel and I was on the lookout for a set ever since.The Cabernet wine glasses, um sorry, wine accessories are large glasses as they should be. The glasses are made in Germany and are machine blown crystal glass. The glass is thin and the glasses give a pleasing ring when tapped lightly. They can even be washed in the dishwasher, although I haven’t…

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  2. Excellent wine glasses for developing a true appreciation of wine. These are gorgeous wine glasses. The glasses are beautifully proportioned, lovely to hold, and incredibly thin on the lip. I once read that a wine glass should be so thin as to feel as though there is no glass between the wine and your lip. These glasses fit that bill as no others I have had.They also look absolutely spectacular on a table.I am not a full-blown wine connoisseur by any measure, but I do try to understand how best to appreciate any good bottle of wine that comes…

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  3. Tall and thin like a Supermodel When Riedel first came on the scene several years ago, they were known for their high cost, thin crystal, and easy breakability. Today there are brands that bring the elegant, thin-walled crystal without the nose-bleeding high cost or the ability to break in a stiff wind.The good news is that despite the high cost, Riedel has clearly addressed the fragile problem. These are reasonably durable, yet still elegant and lightweight.Make sure you have some appropriate shelf…

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