Reverse Wine Snob: How to Buy and Drink Great Wine without Breaking the Bank

Most rational people don’t pay $40 for $20 items. And yet with wine, it happens all the time. Wine can be an expensive hobby. Founder of the popular site, Jon Thorsen is an unapologetic frugal wine consumer. He flips wine snobbery on its head by pushing a $20 or less mantra. Reverse Wine Snob is designed to help wine drinkers stop wasting money and get the most satisfaction out of their drinking dollars. It reveals Thorsen’s Ten Tenets of Reverse Wine Snobbery–ten beliefs that eliminate myths about wine–as well as a unique rating system that includes the cost of the bottle so that there is satisfaction in both taste and price. In Jon’s unique system, the more expensive a wine, the better it must taste.

Reverse Wine Snob explains:

The number one rule all wine drinkers should follow, no matter what the wine snobs say.
How to shop for wine at stores like the nation’s #1 wine retailer Costco and Trader Joe’s.
The regions and varieties of wine that give the best value.
Why the price of a wine has nothing to do with its taste.
Why the distribution system in the US is broken which costs you money and limits your wine choices.
Tons of Jon’s very favorite wine picks.

Jon dapples in every kind of wine from $10 kitchen sink blends to the $20 “Saturday Night Splurge,” so delicious it’s worth twice the price. Reverse Wine Snob brings plain old common sense to the wine industry and encourages wine lovers to explore the world of inexpensive quality wine.

3 thoughts on “Reverse Wine Snob: How to Buy and Drink Great Wine without Breaking the Bank

  1. Excellent wines need not cost a pirates ransom. Jon’s well written book is intended mostly for novices like me but seasoned oenophiles would benefit as well. Without guidance, separating the world of wine wheat from the chalf can be daunting. Whatever you tastes gravitate toward, the reverse wine snob, has done the research for you. Jon describes his tasting impressions in easy to understand and unembellished terms. All of Jon’s spot on recommendations are under $20. with many under $10. A simple rating system utilizing bottle cost per taste…

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  2. Great Book for Anyone Who Likes/Loves Wine! I found Jon Thorsen’s wine blog/website through Twitter. I recently started a red wine blog of my own & really liked his simple way of reviewing/rating wines. When I saw he had a book coming out, I was quick to order it from Amazon (gotta support a fellow wine enthusiast!). I gave it a five star review because it is written in simple, easy to read/understand format- especially for those new to the vast world of wine. Plus, he makes you feel “ok” for just liking the wines you like,…

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