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It’s okay but could be improved This is my first time ever having purchased a bluetooth enabled hat of any sort. I really have no benchmark by which to judge it other than flat out first hand personal opinion.While I love the concept behind this product, it isn’t without it flaws. The most noticeable being the looser knit of the hat itself. While normally this wouldn’t be a big deal, it does make a substantial difference in terms of the sound quality delivered. I found the speakers weren’t close enough to my…

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SHARKK Wine Aerator
This device is easy to use and clean up, and I find that it does soften the tannins in wine poured straight from the bottle. You shouldn’t expect it to do as good a job as decanting will, but when you don’t have the opportunity or the inclination to decant, this will noticeably improve the flavor of your wine.I experienced a problem with the first aerator I received. The chamber which surrounds the long channel through which the wine flows is supposed to be sealed and mine wasn’t…

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