French Wine For a Flat Belly: How do we lose weight in this modern life?

As we know, obesity has become a popular health issue in modern life. This problem has drawn a lot of attention from many researchers. It is undeniable that obesity is rising significantly in recent years, especially in Western countries. Thus, finding a viable approach to being overweight seems to be a difficult task and even a burning question. To provide some feasible solutions to obesity, I conducted this research by synthesizing ideas from different materials. Admittedly, these ideas in my research are not my personal views but are academic ones. I divided my study into two main Chapters. Chapter 1 is on the background of obesity. Chapter 2 is about how to lose weight. In Chapter 1, I will cover some basic issues related to obesity such as its causes and negative effects on our health. Apparently, there are some main factors leading to being overweight such as obesity gene, fast foods, sedentary lifestyle, and the popularity of high technology. Obesity has been a breeding ground for a vast array of problems like cardiovascular issues, high blood pressure, diabetes type 2, insulin disorder, and certain kinds of cancer. If we do not have a solution to this problem, obese people can confront a young death at any time. Chapter 2 will give various effective ways to deal with obesity. These approaches focus on a low carb diet, regular exercises, good eating habits, red wine, and other feasible solutions. The Government and authorities also can play a necessary role in helping people lose weight. They should put a higher tax on fast foods, encourage walking and using a bicycle and give people much more time for physical activity. I hope that my research can help you lose weight as much as possible. Remember to consider and choose a suitable solution for yourself.

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