Holland House Cook Wine Marsala

Add elegant flavor with cooking wine. Wine can enhance your meal the most when incorporated right into your dish. Holland House Cooking Wine can take any meal to new heights. Choose Holland House to add a refined depth to your sauces, marinades, glazes, and sautés. From red to white, Marsala to sherry and several in between, there’s a bottle of Holland House Cooking Wine to pair perfectly with every menu.

Product Features

  • Rich golden color with pleasing, mild aroma.
  • Versatile, a truly food-friendly flavor
  • Smooth, well rounded and sweet with hints of hazelnut.
  • A natural marinade for meats and poultry
  • A versatile choice when sautéing

2 thoughts on “Holland House Cook Wine Marsala

  1. Chicken Alfredo anyone? The only tried and true product I could find to reproduce Macaroni Grill’s Chicken Alfredo recipe. My wife is hooked on that recipe, so i have ordered over 24 bottles of this crap over the last 5 years. Keeps well, works well, but honestly I have only used it to make Alfredo and a couple other recipes.From a overall wine perspective I think it sucks, but since Marsala wine from local wineries has been harder and harder to find these days in my area, I guess I am stuck with Holland…

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