Spiegelau Winelovers White Wine Glass, Set of 4

The Winelovers Glass Series from Spiegelau is designed to enhance the flavor and bouquet of whites, such as Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris or Chardonnay, these glasses serve well as all-purpose white wine glasses, and will have you and your guests savoring every sip, and basking in maximum wine drinking pleasure. The factory is nestled in a small Bavarian town bearing the company’s name, Spiegelau has been making glassware for nearly 500-year.

Product Features

  • Set of 4 white wine glasses
  • Lead-free crystal produced in Germany
  • Winelovers series; capacity 16-2/9-ounce
  • Dishwasher safe

2 thoughts on “Spiegelau Winelovers White Wine Glass, Set of 4

  1. A decent glass for the price, but not what I hoped for. Regarding the glasses, I agree with the reviewers who said they’re a bit on the thick side. It’s weird – they’re relatively thin and light on the top, but the base is thick and heavy, which causes an imbalance when you’re holding it. Regarding the packaging, as others have reported, one of the glasses was broken in transit. I’ve had this happen with a prior wine glass order, and I don’t understand why glasses don’t a) get packaged more securely, and b) have a notation on the delivery box of…

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  2. Wonderful glasses! (If they arrive intact). I love these… I had bought a couple of more expensive coupe glasses to drink prosecco out of (rather than tall flutes) a few years ago and they are lovely, but a little hard to handle and very fragile. These are easier to drink out of since the sides are a bit taller and have a bit more of a lip – but still make you feel fancy and remind me of a Gatsby style glass. Less spilling! They are also very durable – of course they are fragile, but they are not as thin as my other glasses. VERY happy…

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