VINOVITA Silicone Wine Bride To Be & Tribe Team Party Glasses 10 Set | BPA Free Silicone, Unbreakable, Smooth, Clear, Portable, Flexible, Reusable & Comfy | For Wine, Beer, Cocktails, Drinks & More

Drink Wine Anywhere You Please! With VINOVITA Unbreakable Silicone Party Cups!

Planning …

… your bridal shower?

… a romantic picnic in the woods?

… a beach getaway excursion with your loved one?

… a pool party with your besties?

… your best’s friend bachelorette?

… a boating trip with your family?

No matter what you are planning, these silicone wine glasses will become your best travel companion.

Durable, Unbreakable & Shock Proof! Drink In Peace Again!

Do not let a broken glass ruin your mood! Do not let inconvenient to hold glasses make wine tasting unbearable! Sip to your heart’s content without worries!

Try our stemless silicone party bridal cups today and enjoy your favorite drinks like you should. Made of high quality BPA free food grade silicone you may rest assured that these cups are free of chemicals and toxics. Plus, they are stain and smell resistant. Could it get any better than this?

YES it can! These silicone cups are flexible, durable, dishwasher safe and reusable as well.

8 Reasons Why This Silicone Bride To Be Party Cup Set Is An Absolute Must Have:

· 10 bridal tumbler cups. More bang for your buck.

· Unbreakable, ultra resilient and reusable.

· Lovely colors and pretty golden letter prints.

· Make marvelous keepsakes. Create great memories!

· Ideal for bachelorettes, bridal showers, weddings and more.

· Drink on the go. Portable and lightweight cups.

· Minimize cleaning, washing and clutter.

· Impress your guests! Throw the most memorable parties!

What are you waiting for?

For Endless Wine Tasting & Bridal Shower Fun! Click Add To Cart Now!

Product Features

  • TRULY UNBREAKABLE – TRULY SAFE: If you are thinking of all the times that you have broken or cracked a glass, then you should think again. VINOVITA silicone wine glasses are unbreakable and shockproof. Make your bridal party a hoot and eliminate cleaning time. No more broken glasses. No more cutting accidents. No more frustration. Only endless fun with your bridesmaids!
  • EACH PARTY CUP PACKAGE COMES WITH: 10 adorable party cup tumblers. 1 for the bride to be and 9 for her team tribe! Awesome, right? Organizing a bigger bridal party than this? Order a few extra more glasses to stock up your bar! Why not? Better safe than sorry, right? The silicone cups are transparent so as to control your portions and have mesmerizing golden letters.
  • CREATE LOVELY MEMORIES & CUTE KEEPSAKES: Surprise your party guests and team bride group with these fancy silicone bridal cups. Create great memories or keepsakes to be cherished for many years to come. Being compact, lightweight and portable, you can organize the bridal shower of your dreams anywhere you want. Ideal the beach, country, home, hotels and pool bridal parties!
  • FOR ANY DRINK THAT COMES TO MIND: Our cute wine cups are generous in size and flexible so as to hold all of your favorite drinks. They are not strictly for wine. Fill them with beer, vodka, gin, rum, tequila, shots, refreshing cocktails, energy smoothies, shakes, non alcoholic beverages, sodas, cola, juice, champagne and many other drinks! The smooth mouth rim ensures comfy drinking!
  • SET INSTAGRAM ON FIRE: Take the coolest and wildest pictures ever and set your social media on fire. Party like there is no tomorrow, drink like no one is watching and celebrate the bride to be! It’s her last day in the single world. These glasses are unbreakable, durable, BPA free, reusable, easy to hold and clean. When you are done using, toss them in the dishwasher and let it do the rest!

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