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so far so good had it for about 2 weeks now… getting compliments left and right…. worry about it being to snug.which is note that the plastic bands to hang on t o the laptop cut the corners of your screen but its clear so not to much of a problem. def suggest thinner straps that only fit onto the upper corners but then again I like my laptop not slipping off of the case… but def think this could have been changed to alter this issue… but otherwise awesome still give it five stars ?-??,? ???? ???(C)…

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8-Bottle Wine Cooler, Glass Door
Very disappointed. Was a little disappointed it couldn’t fit on a counter under cabinets but shame on me for not measuring and assuming. What reallly has me upset is it leaks. At first I thought a bottle of wine was leaking but now I realize it’s water or condensation – not sure – but there is always a puddle in the bottom of the cooler and it leaks out onto my countertop. And I agree with other comments that it seems it doesn’t keep the white wine cool enough even on highest setting. Don’t…

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