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Looks good, makes it easy too! This is a thorough kit for opening and pouring wine. It’s stainless steel and looks classy. It comes with the foil opener, the aerator spout, stopper, the charging cord, and the electric wine opener unit. It additionally has a one year limited warranty. It operates with an easy push of a large button surface on top and it lights up with a really pretty blue light as it works. The blue light shows more in low light than in bright light. It looks nice and adds interest to it. Mine had a charge right…

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Riedel Ouverture White Wine Glasses, Set of 4
Durable, Versatile and Affordable! I LOVE these glass – can’t believe there are only 27 reviews for them! I was setting up a new kitchen and wanted to buy high quality but reasonably priced items that would last a long time. The website The Sweet Home has been a great (and free) resource for expert-tested products, and these were the hands-down winners for wine glasses for the following reasons according to the experts (who happened to be Napa Valley tasting room managers, James Beard Award winners, a Mo?<

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