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An immediate classic I owned one of the first copies of this book and have nothing but respect for the great (and now, sadly, late) Tim Patterson.Tim made fine wines ??? mostly forceful reds, never merlot, plenty of zinfandels, pinot noir only when the grapes were at their peak, and an occasional rose, chenin blanc, or sparkling white ??? from 1997 to 2013. After the first few years, every bottle of his wine was spoken for by the time it was bottled, and I certainly bought three or four cases a year. The…

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Electric Wine Aerator Dispenser Oxidizes, Decants, and Pours Red and White Wine, Battery Operated Decanter & Wine Aerator, Instant Luxury One Touch Control
I love wine and I love the accessories that can accentuate the wine experience. This device is pretty impressive. I’m primarily a red wine drinker, but I’m not going to finish a bottle, in addition to decanting and pouring, this device seals the bottle. This device is operated by two AA batteries and is perfect for sealing your wine while allowing glasses to be poured and decanted as well. It looks great on a table and my wine drinking buddy loved it. Like most wine drinkers, I’m not one to…

Kato Wine Corkscrew Opener Set – 5 Pcs Wine Bottle Accessories Screwpull Kit for Valentine's Day, Wedding, Birthday Anniversary, Red

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