Funny Stemless Wine Glass Dictionary Definitions – Set of 4

These stemless wine glasses with funny dictionary definitions are an excellent gift for the booze hound in your life! Featuring a variety of definitions, the set of stemless wine glasses have the funny text printed in traditional dictionary style fonts. We use a method called screen printing, which forces ink through a high-tension mesh screen onto an object. Each product is hand made by our talented team and individually quality checked before being shipped. Our glasses are restaurant quality and made by Libbey Glass. They hold 15 ounces, and are dishwasher safe. Definitions on the glasses include: Kleptowino [klep-tuh-wino] (n.) A person who drinks wine excessively, and isn’t afraid to drink yours too. Novinophobia [noh-vee-noh-foh-bee-uh] (n.) The fear of running out of wine Vintuition [vint-oo-ish-en] (n.) The ability to know when you need more wine immediately. Procrastiwining [Proh-kras-tuh-whine-ing] (v.) The art of drinking wine instead of doing something else you should be doing.

Product Features

  • This funny set of four 15 ounce stemless wine glasses features clever fictional vocabulary drinking words.
  • Decorated glassware makes perfect gifts for mom, dad, husband, wife, brother, sister, friends and many more!
  • We have you covered for any holiday, birthday, wedding, bachelor or bachelorette party, anniversary, award presentation or retirement present.
  • Bold design is printed onto the surface of the glass in black ink. Glasses are dishwasher safe, however, to increase longevity of the design we recommend hand washing. These inks have been tested and rated to last over 500 cycles through a home dishwasher. Heavy use may result in the design chipping or fading away.
  • Our fast turnaround time means you can order your glassware and have it delivered in just a few days. This is particularly helpful for last minute Christmas shopping!

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