Wine Decanter Glass Carafe Set – Exquisite 100% Hand Blown Lead-Free Aerator Kit with Cleaning Brush & Drying Stand | Wine Accessories in Deluxe Box| Durable Glass Perfect for Aerating / Decanting


One of the best kept secrets in the world of the aroma is the art of decanting and aerating wine! You can now take part in the journey of taste and even take the lead! There is nothing keeping you from enjoying that perfectly balanced, strong, smooth taste of wine, resting in the generous glass.


Find wine’s secrets in this exquisitely made wine decanter! When driven by a strong passion for wine, you know how to build the right home for this splendid beverage. The hand-blown lead-free Glass Carafe will not only impress wine, but your guests as well. Perfect for any event, even for your personal alone time, this Wine Aerator Decanter will shine in the light and give your favorite beverage the elegance it needs to dance in style. After all, you are drinking the beverage of kings! So why not treat it as it deserves?


This Wine Decanter Set has been designed to last! Having the much needed knowledge in the matter and the passion to fuel the work, Mixologist World is the proud creator of one of the most exquisite, well-built and elegant Wine Decanters on the market! While the glass carafe may seem frail, know that you are going to enjoy a long lasting friendship. Time is of no importance for this Wine Aerator Decanter.


Red Wine, strong, old, rests in the Glass Carafe waiting to be savored. Air comes in and wraps the beverage, giving it a new dress, elegant and smooth to once again feel young. From its crystal castle, this famous Decanter, to your glass, red wine is ready to end its journey. Now, the fun begins!


Product Features

  • COMPLETE WINE DECANTER SET for PERFECT evenings! Wine is all about the taste and with this complete & exquisite DECANTER SET we offer, taking pleasure in taste is a SURE THING. Coming together with a professional DECANTER CLEANING BRUSH & a AERATOR DRYING STAND, plus the HARDCOVER Wine STORY BOOK, the wine kit is EVERYTHING YOU NEED to enjoy aroma!
  • A SURE WAY TO TASTE: Unlike other Wine Decanters, the Mixologist World Aerator Decanter has been carefully Hand Blown crafted so that you can enjoy that perfect glass of red wine. Strong, yet smooth. Tough, yet elegant. Young, yet experienced. This is the Wine Aerator Decanter made by TRUE wine lovers for wine lovers. Everything about this WINE DECANTER SPELLS OUT PROFESSIONALISM.
  • ENGINEERING THE PERFECT TASTE: Sometimes one element is ENOUGH to make you SURE of the INVESTMENT. The Mixologist World is that AROMA DRIVEN company. To make sure that this DECANTER will rise up to EXPECTATIONS, we have used flawless hand blown lead free glass. Your Wine Glass Carafe will welcome air within the drops of wine, allowing the GREAT dance to begin, right there in your red wine glass.
  • WINE. ART. AROMA. TIMELESS BEAUTY. This is the art of decanting and aerating wine. Some DECANTERS’ glass carafes might seem frail & feeble, but not this one. Since a broken decanter is a nightmare for wine lovers, we made sure that YOU WON’T be faced with this situation. This decanter is made of an ENDURING, long LASTING glass, which will NOT BREAK any time soon.
  • ENJOY REAL EXPERIENCES & PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT: We, at Mixologist World, have a TRUE PASSION FOR WINE. When driven by passion, good things are bound to happen. This is the case of this WINE DECANTER, PERFECT for waking up aroma! Enjoy the complete decanter set and its 5 YEAR WARRANTY, some decanters because of the shipping can be damaged, the glass can come with some small chips, in this case please contact us. Enjoy that red wine that is resting in your glass, enjoy the beauty of life!

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  1. Beautiful design and holds so much Beautiful design and holds so much! We enjoy our weekly family pizza night with red wine and my husband and I typically share a bottle. We’ve been wanting a nice decanter that is practical for everyday use, but elegant enough to also use when we have company over. It is such a beautiful and sleek design, and very well made and isn’t so fragile that I’m worried about it cracking during use or washing. It is very easy to fill and pour out of without spilling, which is a bonus. The wine really…

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