Multicolor LED Glass Edge Lighting Kit: 4pcs LED Glass Shelf Lights + Controller + IR Remote + UL Listed Power Adapter for Glass Shelf, Glass Cabinet, Countertop, Liquor Shelf, Book Shelf Decorative L

Ornate your glass or acrylic shelf in a classy way you’ve never seen before!

This decorative lighting kit can be easily attached to the edge of glass shelf, which makes the glass naturally and evenly disperse the light,
creating a stunning effect by illuminating the glass edge from the back.

Different from traditional back lighting and under-shelf lighting, the light distributes right through the glass, making your shelf look as if it was
in a high-class club or showroom.

Eye-catching Color Changing

Using the RGB LED controller and IR remote included in the kit, you can switch between multiple and single color options. It can achieve 16 different
static color displays – White (W), Red (R), Green (G), Blue (B) and other mixed colors in RGB – and 4 dynamic color changing
effects (flash, strobe, fade and smooth).

Easy Installation

You just need to loosen the clamps on the shelf. Maximum 10mm thick glass is allowed to fit the clips. LED chips on clips can be controlled
simultaneously with one RGB controller when connected via the hub, IR remote and UL-listed power adapter included
(power adapter comes with 6.23ft cable and an on/off switch).

Widely Application

Can be used in bookcases, shop display shelves, and in your kitchen or bathroom. Ideal for home and commercial displays. Connect them,
and set your cabinet/closet glow with mesmerizing light to highlight your proud collection now!

Note: Please choose high-quality glass or acrylic for best light diffusion effect.


Input: AC110-120V, 0.3A
Output: 12V, 420mA
Material: Stainless steel
Color: 16 colors
Lighting mode: Flash, Strobe, Fade and Smooth
Length of power cord: 6.23ft

Product Features

  • Beautiful & Practical: LED chips, almost no heat generated, ideal for where requires strict temperature control, especially for wine storage, without affecting alcohol taste or safety
  • Heavy Duty: Aluminium alloy with stainless steel plating, excellent corrosion resistance, easy to be fixed to the glass, hand-friendly smooth edge, no scratches in glass table tops, max 10mm thick glass or acrylic allowed
  • Wide Application: 4.27ft long wires attached to each clip and 6.23ft long power cord, avoid the inconvenience caused by limitation of length of the wire, suitable for kitchen, bathroom, cabinet, shop display, bookcases
  • Multiple Modes: With 16 different colors and 4 dynamic modes, this amazing glass lighting kit lights up your display shelf or glass countertop and create attractive decorating effect and wonderful atmosphere
  • Safety Assurance: 30,000 hours long lifespan, estimate up to 36.5 years (3hrs/day), UL-listed power adapter included, ensure safe operation

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  1. I love these lights! I purchased two sets of these lights to light up four glass shelves. The shelves are 16 inches deep and 32 inches across, and open on three sides. On the rear side of each I attached two clips, about 4 inches from the edge of each side. They shine brilliant and bright through the shelves. My shelves are lightly tinted blue… this makes a difference in how the colors show through. The best and clearest colors are the blues, greens, and purples. The white shows very light blue which is pretty,…

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  2. It will “save” your last color selection which is cool when you turn it on The TORCHSTAR company was very generous for sending a replacement. There was only one defected LED.!IMPORTANT!Make sure you have an outlet extender a pic is provided below!The Pros and the Cons.ProsMany colorsRed,Green, Blue,Cyan, and Purple. (look the best)Different styles such as pulse effect, and strobe.You can actually combine different shelves to have different colors just by turning off the switch then selecting a color.It…

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