Unbreakable Stemless Wine Glasses – Set of 4 Stainless Steel Tumblers – 18 oz – Unique Wine Glasses by Cork & Mill

Don’t sacrifice style in an unbreakable glass. Once you see these elegant modern wine glasses, you’ll never serve guests in cheap plastic party wine glasses again. The refined look of this stemless wine glass set is sure to turn heads at your next gathering!

Never clean up glass shards again. These shatterproof stemless wine glasses won’t bring your day to a halt when dropped. Whether you need a set of durable unbreakable drinking glasses, outdoor stemless wine glasses, or just a fashionable portable wine glass, these unbreakable red wine glasses really deliver.

Protect loved ones from toxic plastics. Each pure stainless steel tumbler in this set is BPA-free. That’s why so many people use them not only as stemless wine cups at special occasions but as everyday stainless steel drinking glasses. Once you’ve tried these unbreakable cups, you may refuse to drink out of plastic ever again!

Preserve the subtle flavors of your favorite wines. The Cork & Mill stainless steel glasses are completely flavor-neutral. The electropolished interior of these extra large red wine glasses prevents corrosion and keep drinks tasting great. Additionally, each huge wine glass is perfectly curved to concentrate aromas for an intensely satisfying drinking experience.

Experience the refreshment of drinking from a cool, crisp stainless steel stemless wine tumbler. You’ll swear that somehow everything tastes more cool and refreshing in this stainless steel cup set. They make the perfect summer wine glasses for use by the pool, as picnic wine glasses at a barbecue, or even as camping wine glasses.

Product Features

  • SERVE DRINKS WITH STYLE: Keep it classy with the modern elegant design of stainless steel wine glasses. You’ll never go back to acrylic or other plastic wine cups again.
  • SAY GOODBYE TO BROKEN GLASS: These shatterproof wine glasses are crafted from heavy-duty grade 304 stainless steel to withstand any party, camping trip, or poolside gathering.
  • DISCOVER A SAFER ALTERNATIVE to toxic plastics and hazardous glass. These indoor and outdoor wine glasses are BPA-free and won’t break when dropped.
  • PRESERVE THE TASTE AND AROMA OF WINE: The electropolished finish of each large wine glass is completely flavor-neutral, protecting the delicate taste of wine and other drinks.
  • ENJOY CRISP AND REFRESHING DRINKS: The cooling sensation of drinking from these stainless steel wine glasses will bring a new level enjoyment to your favorite beverage.

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