Wine and Place: A Terroir Reader

The concept of terroir is one of the most celebrated and controversial subjects in wine today. Most will agree that well-made wine has the capacity to express “somewhereness,” a set of consistent aromatics, flavors, or textures that amount to a signature expression of place. But for every advocate there is a skeptic, and for every writer singing praises related to terroir there is a study or a detractor seeking to debunk terroir as myth. Wine and Place examines terroir using a multitude of voices and points of view—from winemakers to wine critics, from science to literature—seeking not to prove its veracity but to explore its pros, cons, and other aspects. This comprehensive anthology lets readers come to their own conclusions about terroir.

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  1. Wine and Place: A Terroir Reader is an amazing publication and a must-have for anyone whose interest in wine goes beyond what’s on sale at Safeway this week. The concept of “terroir”–the idea that the actual soil of the vineyard plays a part in making a good wine great–is hotly debated among experts, and this book captures the spirit and scope of that debate. Comprised of a wide range of excerpts interspersed with the authors’ own thoughts and explanations, it provides the reader with…

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