Stainless Steel Wine Glasses – Set of 2 Large & Elegant Stemless Goblets (18 oz) – Unbreakable, Shatterproof Metal Drinking Tumblers

Say GOODBYE to broken glass, cheap plastics and tacky alternatives with the exceptional Tru Blu 18oz Stainless Steel Stemless Wine Tumbler Gift Set! Elegantly designed and perfectly sized for a blissful wine drinking experience. Just pure, clean, healthy steel.

☆ Healthy cups for healthy living Keep your family safe from the harmful chemical effects of plastic. NO BPA, NO lead phthalates, NO toxins, NO imparted flavors. Our steel cups are 100% chemical free and will not degrade over time, or release chemicals when heated. Healthy – always!

☆ Unbreakable & unbelievably practical You can’t break them! We believe that if you can use something once, why not be able to use it forever? Professionally engineered 18/8 Food Grade Stainless Steel make these the ultimate flat bottom goblets for almost any use you can think of. Indoors or outdoors, at home or on an adventure, your drink of choice wherever you are. Plastic and glass simply can’t compete!

☆ An ideal gift for anyone’s family We’ve built these cups from the ground up to look beautiful – with a first class gloss polished exterior and genuine electropolished interior surface. Crafted in a classy, modern design, they look GREAT in any home. To top it off, we’ve wrapped them up in premium & environmentally friendly packaging that showcases the sleek, curved steel lines. An eye-catching gift worth giving for that special occasion for friends, family and loved ones!

☆ 100% Lifetime Guarantee At Tru Blu Steel, our mission is to make the world a healthier place with our fresh, crisp spin on exceptional steel drinkware. We absolutely love our products and hope you do too – that’s why we offer an unconditional Tru Blu Steel 100% Lifetime Guarantee on our entire range of products.

Act NOW and order 2 – one for you and one for a friend, or one for you and one as a gift!

Product Features

  • ★ #1 AMAZON WINE GIFTS – 250+ 5 Star reviews don’t lie! Treat yourself and your loved ones with our best in class fit and finished, ELECTROPOLISHED, premium 304 18/8 Food Grade Stainless Steel wine glasses. We’ve left no stone unturned to bring you the ultimate in modern steel drinkware – safe, practical, effortlessly stylish and healthy.
  • ★ ENJOY MOMENTS OF BLISS – Balanced and ergonomic design fits in your hand effortlessly and the sleek metal rim has been carefully crafted for easy sipping. You’ll love them. Your friends and family will love them. And because they’re also perfect for juice, a smoothie, soft drinks or water, your kids will love them too!
  • ★ PUT YOUR HEALTH FIRST – Don’t risk it with broken glass, flimsy plastics or cheaper, inferior alternatives. Don’t settle for less than the best – we’ve taken it a step further and electropolished the interior surface to ensure you can enjoy your wine completely free of toxins, BPA free, with NO imparted flavors. Just pure, clean, healthy steel.
  • ★ BEAUTIFUL & UNBELIEVABLY PRACTICAL – Once you’ve tried our glasses you’ll never go back. 100% unbreakable, transportable, shatterproof, chillable, dishwasher safe, rustproof and recyclable. They look FANTASTIC in any home and are perfect for almost anything from cocktails to ice cream. Enjoy them at BBQs, picnics, parties, camping, boating, by the pool, hiking or travelling on an outdoor adventure!
  • ★ 100% LIFETIME GUARANTEE – We weren’t messing around when we designed these cups and we proudly back each and every single one with the Tru Blu 100% Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee. Because wine drinking glasses should be good for living – and good for life. Act NOW and get yours today!

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  1. Keep the in the freezer, enjoy a really nice cold white wine in the summer! I love these wine glasses. I put them in the freezer and use them to drink chilled white wine at night. I have had them about a week, and since I got these I don’t even bother getting out my nice wine glasses. When I pour the first glass of wine of the night into them, they really make the wine cold. On hot summer nights, I love my white wines really cold. Go ahead and judge me, but that’s what I like! I can’t say that after the first glass they keep the wine any colder than glass, but my guess…

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