Wine Bottle Protector Travel Bag | 3-Pack of 100% Safe Reusable Bubble Bags to Wrap Glass Bottles | Ziplock Sleeve with Break & Leak-Proof Protection | BONUS 1 Wine Bottle Stopper by INPROLIFE LLC

INPROLIFE gives you the best 3-Pack Wine Bottle Protector. Comparing to the other protective bags, our All-Inclusive Bundle with 3 Large Double-Bubble Bag + 1 Wine Bottle Stopper + 1 Zip Lock Packaging Bag offers you the perfect travel kit, use it to travel wine bottle or us it like a beer travel case. Take advantage of the special price and have this new travel wine bottle protector, before the sale ends! Designed in New York City with an incredible passion for traveling – Finally, a Bottle Protector that matches your dazzling personality. Every single detail was included in this liquors packaging travel, with the goal to impress any fun, outgoing and wine or beer-loving traveler. Why choose INPROLIFE’s Bubble Bag Protector? 1. Buy it once, have it forever > Made of the most durable material & double-sealed side-lines! Take your bottle protector as a beer travel protector or wine travel bag. 2. One Bag, All Regular 750ml Bottles, No Worries > Our revolutionary & custom design is large but at the same time lightweight and it packs flat. It’s all about efficiency & style! Wine bottle travel protector you can use it like a wine wrap or your new beer traveling case. 3. TSA-Approved > never have to throw away your favorite French wine at the airport! 4. 100% Leak-Proof > the 3 X Lock Seal with 1 VeIcro + 2 Ziplocks offers FULL protection so your clothes will never get ruined! Here is your new wine protector and use it like a wine wrap for travel. 5. 100% Break-Proof > no bottles will ever break thanks to 3 Protection Layers – double-layer bubble wrap + 1 bottle protector bag from our best PVC material – Forget about the travel stress! Here you have your wine bags for travel or for beer travel bag. Guaranteed – We guarantee your 110% satisfaction! If you are not satisfied, please contact us and we’ll replace it for free or refund your money! No questions asked! No hassle! Enjoy your travels & Be Happy!

Product Features

  • 💎 WHILE OTHER WINE BOTTLE PROTECTOR BAGS arrive broken or with tears, don’t fit the standard European wine bottles or just simply cannot be used after the first trip, our Premium Wine Bottle Protectors passed through a 2-Step Quality-Check process, is large enough to fit all standard size bottles and they are 100% REUSABLE thanks to the VeIcro ^ Ziplock System. This means LESS STRESS during your travels and LESS MONEY spent on new bags every trip. – We know your priorities!
  • 👪 OUR MISSION IS TO MAKE YOU SMILE – We believe in making everyday life easy and fun and that in helping you to do this during your own adventures, we are creating more relaxed travelers and happier memories. Our 3-Pack wine or beer travel protector bags is ECO-FRIENDLY and made of the highest-quality material to provide 100% Safety during air travel, cruises or even bumpy road trips. Easy-to-use instructions are included on the package. – Professionals never cut corners!
  • 🎁 PURCHASE AS A GIFT! If you are looking for a great gift (for you or a loved one) that has that “extra-cool and exciting” wow factor, then you will definitely love our 3-Pack Wine Bottle Protector Bags. She/he will be able to easily bring WINE from Italy or CHAMPAGNE from France without any worries. The Travel Wine Bottle Protector also includes 1 Wine Bottle Stopper which will keep your wine fresh even if you already opened it – Wine protector & Travel wine bottle can’t be separated!
  • ✈️ TSA APPROVED & PERFECT FOR TRAVEL – No one likes travel wine bottle in the same bag as her/his favorite clothing, it’s worrying and one broken wine bottle could ruin everything inside. Our liquid protection wine wrap bags are 100% BREAK-PROOF&LEAK-PROOF thanks to the 2-Layer Bubble Protection and Triple-Seal System with VeIcro & 2-Zip Locks. The premium material is both sturdy and stylish and by far more resistant and upscale than common wine bottle protectors – Professionals never cut corner
  • ❤️ ONLY THE BEST FOR YOU…We pride ourselves on providing top quality wine bags for travel and service for our amazing customers. We created our 3-Pack Wine Bottle Protector with extra care and attention-to-detail to provide the best wine bottle travel protector during your travels around the world. You can add your reusable wine travel bag to your cart with total peace of mind, knowing that if you aren’t 110% happy with your purchase, we’ll provide you a FULL refund.

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  1. Excellent for travel, camping, just about anything that you want to keep your bottles safe. I know it is specifically for wine bottles, but think it would work for other types of glass bottles too. It’s a multi-pack so I decided to give one to my sister in law who is also an avid traveler and wine drinker so she can get the benefit from it as well. The long use really helps as they seem very durable. Good value for the price. Well worth it and especially not breaking your bottles or…

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