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Great Christmas Party Gift I have a set of these that I use all the time. They are more stable then they typical wine glass and with dogs and cats about it seemed like one was always getting knocked over. I bought these to give with a bottle of wine for our office Christmas party. We form a circle and after one person opens there gift the next person can either take a gift from someone or pick a new one. If someone takes yours – you pick a new one. The one rule is a gift can only change hands 3 times. It’s a lot of…

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Riedel Vinum Pinot Noir (Burgundy Red) Glasses, Set of 2
Fake Reidel Wine glasses, watch out! I believe these are counterfeit glasses. They feel like glass and are not heavy like the other crystal wine glasses that I already have. When I held the wine glass up to the light, there was no prism like how there would be with crystal. When I strike it with my finger, there is no crystal ring to it. The REIDEL logo does not match the logo that REIDEL shows on their website and the “authenticity” sticker was pealing off when I opened the package and looking at the back of the sticker…

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