Stemless Wine Glass Set, 8-Pack, 15 Ounce Wine Tumbler Set, Shatter- Resistant Glass – Elongated Design

Isn’t it Time You Went Stemless?

Sharing a glass of wine with family or friends is a time-honored tradition. When something good happens, when friends drop by or just to unwind at the end of a busy day a nice glass of wine has a way of punctuating the moment. And a new and popular way to enjoy your wine is in a stemless wine glass.

Looks Funny, Works Great

For years, we drank wine in stemmed glasses that we had to be careful of setting down because of the top-heavy design. Royal Stemless Wine Glasses are sturdier, have a stable flat bottom that doesn’t lose its balance, and store easily in your cabinets. They might look a little funny at first but once you get used to going stemless, you’ll enjoy their casual, elegant style that’s perfect for everyday use. These glasses are still recognizable as a wine glass but unlike a traditional flute or goblet, stemless glasses are appropriate for other spirits and beverages, lending a versatility that stemmed glasses don’t have.

Perfect as a Gift

The Royal Stemless Wine Glass Set is packaged securely in a nice Glossy Gift Box and makes a terrific gift for:

Wine lovers

House warmings


Thank you gift

Business clients and colleagues

They’re beautiful, elegant and fit in your hand perfectly – you’ll find yourself using them constantly.

So let’s raise our glasses and celebrate! Scroll up and click the Add to Cart Button to get your Royal Stemless Wine Glass Set shipped today.

Product Features

  • DURABLE – Made of high-quality, durable, shatter-resistant glass. Easy to clean without breaking and top rack dishwasher save.
  • ERGONOMIC – Elongated and Designed to fit comfortably in your hand and holds up to 15 ounces of wine or your favorite beverage.
  • EASY STORAGE – Our stemless design means you need less space for your wine glasses in your cabinets and they take up less room in your picnic basket or catering bag when taking them on the go.
  • ALL-PURPOSE – Practical for everyday use. Great for entertaining, our stemless design prevents tipping and spills unlike top-heavy traditional wine glasses. Terrific for dinner parties, picnics, weddings and to give as gifts.
  • FULL FLAVOR – More stable than traditional wine glasses. You still get the full flavor and constant temperature of your wine but the flat bottom greatly increases the stability of your drink.

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  1. Great Christmas Party Gift I have a set of these that I use all the time. They are more stable then they typical wine glass and with dogs and cats about it seemed like one was always getting knocked over. I bought these to give with a bottle of wine for our office Christmas party. We form a circle and after one person opens there gift the next person can either take a gift from someone or pick a new one. If someone takes yours – you pick a new one. The one rule is a gift can only change hands 3 times. It’s a lot of…

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  2. You had one job You are billed as shatter-resistant glasses, which means you had one job: to resist shattering. I don’t know what definition of “resist” you may be working with, but you shattered all over the place the second time I ran you through the dishwasher. I had been hoping that shatter resistant might mean that if I dropped you from a small height you’d be ok; I certainly didn’t think it meant you would fly to pieces when I ran a little water and detergent over you. All of which is to say,…

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