Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Glass Cru Classic Stemware Collection Chardonnay White Wine Glass, 13.8-Ounce, Set of 6

Schott Zwiesel Crystal

Schott Zwiesel Cru Classic Crystal

Schott Zwiesel – The world’s best crystal glass

Built on a 130-year tradition of the finest German glassmaking, Schott Zwiesel is the most durable, most beautifully designed and best-manufactured glassware on the market.

Completely lead-free and manufactured using the most environmentally sensitive technology available, Schott Zwiesel crystal glass is the leading choice among wine connoisseurs the world over. Its sculpted bowls and finely edged rims enhance the fullest appreciation of every vintage.

Schott Zwiesel crystal glass has added titanium for strength and added zirconium for crystal clarity, making it dishwasher safe for years of enjoyment. The elegant designs match every taste and cover the full spectrum of beverages.

For any occasion, for everyday or when serving company, Schott Zwiesel crystal glass is sure to impress.

Schott Zwiesel Crystal

Schott Zwiesel Forte Crystal
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Schott Zwiesel Crystal

Product Features

  • 6 Each Cru Classic collection stemware; for use with light soft white wines; 13.8-ounce capacity; 8-inch tall, 3-1/4-inch wide
  • Tritan crystal glass: non-lead material of titanium and zirconium oxide; resists breakage, chipping, scratching; thermal shock resistant; patented
  • Cru Classic: classic shapes with balance, subtle bowl shapes and just the right stem height; great for any occasion or everyday
  • Completely dishwasher safe; do not force bowl tightly over dishwasher rack prongs; do not twist stem and bowl while holding one or the other tightly
  • Made in Germany; suggested wine varietals: Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, Rose´, Riesling, Soave, and Chablis

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  1. Huge Bowls For Big Reds I love Schott Zwiesel crystal glassware, and I ordered these Cru glasses as companions to the smaller Forte ones. These are enormous! You could fit half of a bottle in one with lots of space leftover; after all, these have a 27.9 ounce capacity, and a wine bottle contains 25.4 ounces. I should have done the math converting 750 ml (the size of a wine bottle) into ounces before I bought these. The bowl size necessitates a shorter stem, although the stem is long enough to hold. Despite the…

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  2. Tough and sexy I can’t recommend these wine glasses enough. I bought them in March, since my other wine glasses, one by one, had died tragic deaths mostly related to the dishwasher. I’ve had them now for about 9 months, and am tickled pink.First, a disclaimer: I had one wine glass break in the dishwasher, but that was a result of my accidentally dropping it on the dishes while I was loading the dishwasher and the wineglass bouncing under a baking sheet and snapping at the handle. I find that above…

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