Red Wine Aerator Decanter Set with DOUBLE BONUS Wine Accessories – Wine Pourer Drop Stopper and Wine Vacuum Stopper – Wine Gift Box Set for Wine Lovers, Women, Men by Vinograd


Wine aficionados know that most red wines benefit from being allowed to “breathe” for a time before drinking. This means swirling wine in a glass or decanting it from its bottle into a decanter and leaving it there for an hour or two. By incorporating air into the wine, the undesirable effects of tannins, sulfites, ethanol are reduced. This enable the wine to breathe, release the flavors and aromatic properties of the wine and make an inferior wine taste great.

To expedite and perfect this process, Vinograd has brought you a Premium Wine Aerator classy design to get the exact same “breathing” effect.

Simply hold over a glass and decant wine from the bottle into the aerator (Take care not to cover the aeration holes). Tilt the aerator slightly to prevent wine from entering the air ducts.The wine will pour directly into the glass mixed with an appropriate amount of air. Place in the no-drip stand after pouring; when you’ve finished, just rinse under running water or place in the dishwasher. The aerator will produce a glass of great mouth-watering aromatic and fully developed wine for your enhanced drinking pleasure.


In addition to the aerator, you will receive an elegant black velvet travel pouch to store your aerator & two generous wine accessories:

– A Drip Stopper wine pourer to ensure a drip-free experience

– A Vacuum Wine Stopper to preserve your wine longer

With all these accessories, Vinograd makes a perfect gift for any occasion by covering all aspects of wine serving: Pouring, aerating and storing!

The Vinograd product is sold with a money-back guarantee. If you’re dissatisfied with your purchase for any reason, contact us for a replacement or refund.

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Product Features

  • LIGHTNING-SPEED WINE AERATION – The Vinograd Premium Wine Aerator brings you an accelerated and effective wine aeration more than ever before. Our user-friendly, ergonomic patented design expedites the “breathing” process through INSTANT aeration, enables wine to open up and release all the aromas and flavors that good wine has to offer, giving you a superior glass of rich, satin-smooth, luscious wine at lightning speed. just pour and enjoy!
  • GENEROUS ACCESSORIES – Vinograd wine breather comes jam-packed with GENEROUS wine accessories for an all-in-one comprehensive wine serving kit; A foldable Wine Pourer – to use between bottle and aerator for drip-free aeration; A Vacuum Wine Stopper – to hermetically seal the bottle to preserve the wine’s distinct flavor; A filter – to ensure removal of wine sediments; A neat no- drip stand – to use between glasses and a machine-washable black velvet pouch for safekeeping.
  • TALK-OF- THE-TOWN QUALITY – With your new Wine Aerator Pourer, you’ll be the talk of the town at your next dinner party! the Wine Aerator will grace any table and occasion. Made of heavy-duty FDA-approved materials, the sleek high quality clear-and- black aerator is easy to use. Simply hold the aerator over a glass and pour wine from the bottle directly into it. The aerator will incorporate the proper amount of air in the right amount of time.
  • PERFECT GIFT IDEA – Packaged in an elegant gift box, the Vinograd wine aerator set is an essential feature of any home bar. It makes a classy and ideal gift for any occasion. Delight your friends and family for that special birthday, holiday, anniversary, wedding, housewarming, Christmas, business gift to your dinner party host.
  • OUR PROMISE TO YOU – We’re wine lovers, so we poured every ounce of our energy into crafting the best wine set available. We know you’ll love taking your favorite extracurricular activity to the next level with Vinograd, but just in case it tastes off, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. No questions asked.

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