This beautifully illustrated guide offers 101 expert answers to all your questions about wine. If you're curious about the distinctions between different wines, how to pair your favorite vintage, the best ways to buy, or how to find an ideal wine for your special occasion, this is an ideal handbook for you. Whether you're just discovering your fondness for wine, or have been a connoisseur for awhile, this book is certain to make you a better wine buff.

Celebrated wine author Tom Stevenson's clear, approachable tone reflects a passion for his subject and a keen awareness that not everyone's been a wine writer for over 30 years. Stevenson shares expertise from a lengthy career spanning over 20 books, hundreds of articles, and numerous appointments to the world's most prestigious wine-judging panels. His expert tips on the world's best beverage are sure to delight and inspire any wine lover to enjoy and appreciate wine like never before.

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