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Very Nice !!!, So we got it right on time, family event. It takes a second to connect the hose that comes with the package, and plug-in a few AAA batteries and done, just press the bottom on top, and wine comes out the Aerator into the glass at a really nice flow, while making no splash or mess around . Wife was very happy/satisfied with the product, pretty elegant when handing a glass of wine with the bubbles from the aerator. (bubbles go away in a few seconds and wine taste much better…

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Great Product, Very Viable, Good Dry Flavor

BRADSHAW INTERNATIONAL 78973 Self Pull Corkscrew
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Solid Wood Cookbook Stand Holder for Tablets, Books, Documents, Boxed Wine; Adjustable Desktop Podium Display Easel for Menus, Photos, Notes, Guest Books, iPad or Book Rest for Reading in Bed
The TapJack is a truly beautiful addition to my home! It is made of solid walnut wood, which is so rare to find in today's world of fake wood. The wood is gorgeous–perfectly stained to highlight the gorgeous natural grain.The craftsmanship is outstanding. It can easily adjusted to two different angles by sliding the solid wood elevator piece smoothly in and out of T grooves.The Tapjack is really versatile and can be used in many different ways: the size and…

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