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I have been searching for an ideal wine glasses for a couple months now and I think I have finally found the one!! Almost immediately when I opened the box I was not only in love with the packaging of these glasses but also the glasses themselves. They are made so well and look so elegant. The rims of the glasses and the stem are made to be delicate and are what set these glasses apart from machine made ones. These glasses are also really big so not only was a great as a conversation piece…

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Strange Brew Beer and Winemaking Lalvin Dried Wine Yeast EC #1118 (Pack of 10)
So far so good. My first attempt, hard cider, is still fermenting away after a week. I started my second batch, blueberry wine, last night and have some good fermentation going. The yeast seem very lively to me.I followed the directions on the packet and re-hydrated them at 100f but next time I will just pitch it in, from what I’ve read that approach works fine.I like getting them in packets of 10 because (a) more bang for your buck and (b) if you goof up you will…

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