There is a choir of angels singing, every time we tap this button and red wine pours artistically out the spout – aerated from a freshly opened bottle of wine.

when your starving, dinner is finally on the table ,lovely aromas wafting under your nose , Who has time to wait???

And truly, all you want is a sip of wine… a good one. Please, for the love of all that good and holy. Just one good sip.

Let Your Alcohol Breathe

Unlock an ideal ed taste of wine, scotch, and whiskey with the Electric wine Aerator Decanter tool. The wine airator decanter provides 6 times more surface area oxidation than your average gravity-injected funnel, thus creating alcoholic drinks that are much smoother, full-bodied, and flavorful.

Instant Aeration & a Perfect Pour

Experience luscious full-bodied drinks by simply attaching the aerator tap to the bottle and pressing the button for instant aeration by wine air aerator decanter.

Airtight Seal Keeps Wine Fresh

The decanter’s airtight rubber seal prevents air from seeping into the bottle and keeps your wine fresh for longer periods of time. wine aerator and dispenser decanter electric pourer wine aerator pump electrical wine accessories aerator


The decanter works with most standard US and EU wine, scotch, and whiskey bottle shapes.

The flexible tube fits into shorter and larger bottles, particularly whiskey. wine infuser & wine tap aerator & wine decanter easy to clean .


Dimensions : 5.7 x4.8 x 2.17 in
Power Source : 4x Standard or Rechargeable AAA Batteries (not included )
Weight : 0.35 lbs

Box Contents

1x Decanter
1x User Manual
2x Flexible Tube

Please note: store your decenter in a dry place until your next use. If the product is not used for a long time, please remove the battery.

Product Features

  • ?INSTANT & SIMPLE AERATION : Aerate and 6X oxidize with the push of a button (takes just one sec) , Impress your guests, amplify the ambience and enhance the purity, aroma, luxurious and taste of your favorite white or red wine with our wine Electric Aerator.
  • ?HUGE HIT & CONVERSATION STARTER : Fun to use ,Huge hit for all people, even who is on a budget and still wants yummy-tasting wine or for any wine-lover and Electric wine aerator is a guaranteed conversation starter when you whip it out ! Keep Your Table Spotless and Your Glass Full .
  • ?EASY & LIGHTWEIGHT : Easy to use and clean . Easy maintenance . No Drip, No lifting, No aiming , No waiting , Easy to just pop wine aerator decanter in purse before heading out . What a nice that you can drink multiple bottles in one sitting and not need 2 decanters .wine aerator set decanter
  • ?HIGH QUALITY & UNIQUE NO NOISE DESIGN : Electronic Red Wine aerator pourer decanter designed to take wine sediment away and super quiet design. Flexible soft & long tube to get more coverage on a small or tall bottle .Best shift knob ever, Fits perfectly in your aerator decanter for wine bottle
  • ?PERFECT GIFT – Best gifts for wine lovers. An ideal gift idea for family,adults, enthusiasts, wine businesses , Large banquet & events host , Saloon ,Bar , women, men, dad, mom ,grandparents,girlfriends,boyfriend and more. Surprise your wine connoisseur friends with a unique wine gift for Christmas, Valentine’s Day,wedding,housewarming or birthday. Electric wine Aerator decanter goes well with fancy wine gift aerator pourer decanter. Perfect for Whiskey, Scotch & Beer

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