Simple yet elegant, big wine glasses are very nicely made. They feel comfy and substantial to hold although the glass seems a little thin. Besides, the lip is flat, not rolled at all, making it a pleasure to drink from. Best of all, they are quite broad to allow your wines to breathe beautifully.

Stemless and solidly built, drinking glasses can fit in as well as go through the dishwasher with no damage. Plus the entire glass is so smooth yet crystal clear that you will find they come out very sparkly.

Well wrapped in bubble wrap and packed snugly within a gift box, wine glass set could be the favor gift for yourself or your family and friends especially on special occasions such as housewarming, wedding, parties, birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc..

Sweese provides a 30-day manufacturer’s warranty; that is to say, if there is something wrong with your items, just feel free to contact us at any time for a full refund or a free replacement.

Search no more! Get Sweese wine glasses to enhance your enjoyment of drinking experience!

Product Features

  • VERY SOPHISTICATED LOOKING – Beautifully shaped and well crafted, wine glasses give you a sophisticated look. The upper lip is flat and a bit thin, making contents slide down the throat very capably. Also, they have a nice shape to them, which fit surprisingly well in the hand and allow a nice swirl without spills.
  • STEMLESS BASE FOR STABILITY – Many traditional wine glasses have stems which make them unsteady to be in danger of falling over and also add breakage in the dishwasher. These are stemless. So they are hard to break. What’s more, they are great for the dishwasher and storing in smaller spaces.
  • PERFECT FOR EVERY DAY & PARTIES – Designed for intended purposes, big wine glasses are great for both daily and parties use. They are perfect for wine, cocktails or water. Moreover, they can be used for mixed drinks, such as ice, vodka, grenadine and strawberry lemonade mix, etc., which will look prettier and fancier.
  • GREAT SIZE & GIANT CAPACITY – Each of the glassware measures 1.97″ in width and 3.54″ in height. A great size for most cupboards. Besides, they hold exactly 18 oz when filled to the very top. You can pour wine in appropriate amount and the rest of the glass allow for “breathing” and “the nose”.
  • EASY ENOUGH TO CLEAN – Due to the clean lines and wide mouth opening, crystal wine glasses are very easy to wash by hand with soap and water, leaving no dry spots, which greatly saves your time and simplifies your life. They are dishwasher safe too.

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