All the tools needed for an enjoyable glass of wine

Whether you enjoy a glass of wine now and again or you regularly host parties where wine is drunk by the bottle, you need a modern and superior method of opening, pouring and preserving your bottles of red wine and white wine.

Remove the foil from around the cork area simply, with our quality, safety enhanced foil cutter. Then, ideal for those who struggle to use a traditional corkscrew, perhaps due to health conditions such as arthritis, our battery operated corkscrew makes light work of a sometimes tough job. Once the cork has been removed, insert the two-in-one pourer and aerator into the bottle for a drip free pour every time. If the drinks have been poured and there is still wine left in the bottle, just insert the vacuum wine stopper which removes excess air and preserves the remaining wine for later enjoyment.

Battery powered cork screw

Powered by four AA batteries (not included), you can now remove corks from wine bottles, elegantly. A simple button operation is all it takes, just press down on the button to activate the corkscrews up and down motion. Top bars, restaurants have been using such professional tools for years, now is the time for you to benefit from the same quality in your own home or bar area.

Lightweight and easy to use

If you enjoy a glass of wine when camping, vacationing in your motorhome or at parties on the beach or cookouts, then you can easily and effortlessly take our wine accessory set with you. Be the most popular wine drinker at the party with the best tools for the job.

Packing list

1x Electric Wine Bottle Opener (Not Include Battery)
1x Foil Cutter
1x Wine Vacuum Stopper
1x Wine Pourer

BUY NOW and enjoy our 4 piece wine kit with your next bottle of wine

Product Features

  • WINE LOVERS ACCESSORY KIT – if you enjoy a glass of wine and appreciate the quality of a great vintage then you need our wine kit, so you can open, pour and store your favorite bottle in style
  • EFFORTLESS ENJOYMENT – easily remove the foil with our foil cutter then forget about struggling with on old fashioned, manual corkscrew, upgrade to a battery-operated corkscrew which will make removing corks a breeze
  • POUR AND STORE – when open, simply insert the pourer into the top of the bottle for drip free pouring every time. Never let a good bottle of wine go to waste again, preserve what’s left in the bottle with our easy to use, efficient vacuum stopper
  • PREMIUM QUALITY – just like a fine wine, our wine accessory kit is excellent quality. Produced from food grade materials, you can benefit from enjoyable wine drinking thanks to our stainless-steel tools which are ergonomically comfortable in your hand
  • GIFT – ideal as gifts for wine lovers, treat them to the ultimate collection of wine gifts with our beautifully packaged, superior wine tools which can be used over and over again. They can put their old corkscrew in the trash and enjoy battery power every time they open a bottle of wine

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