Family History:
Our family had a long history in the field of manufacturing glassware. We have great enthusiasm in making crystal glassware, searching the world for the best materials and practices, and we have been working on it for 20 years, we are dedicated to bring you the most amazing modern drinking experience.

Material & Technics:
Each of our wine glasses is hand-blown and delicately crafted with premium lead-free crystal glass. It’s a good, solid, everyday glass to use for both reds and whites.

Volume capacity: 22.2 ounces(650ml)
Overall height: 9.45 inch
Stem: 4.53 inch
Bowl height: 4.92 inch
Bowl caliber: 3.15 inch
Base Diameter: 3.23 inch

Use Tips:
Hold all the wine glasses towards the base of the stem between your thumb, forefinger and middle finger. You’ll find that your other fingers will just rest on the base naturally. Don’t worry, it’s totally socially acceptable to swirl your wine.

We provide a 3 year of warranty for this set of wine glasses. Just feel free to buy it, if there is any problem in 30 days you can get your money back with no reasons.

Package Contents:
2 x Wine Glasses
1 x Gift Box

4 Steps For Picking The Perfect Wine Glass

Step 1 – Crystal glass has more clarity and can be crafted into very thin walled glassed.
Step 2 – You would like to have delicate flavors of the wine in your mouth and not the glass. So the premium wine glasses come with ultra thin.
Step 3 – Usually the seams are a result of mass produced low quality glasses.
Step 4 – Machine blown glass is mass produced and usually of significatnly lower quality.

Product Features

  • LEAD FREE CRYSTAL CRAFT – Thin crystal makes the glass sparkle beautifully, you can see the wine clearly, it’s smooth to touch and stronger than plain glass. Wines develop more intense aromas when they’re swirled in crystal stemware.
  • HAND-BLOWN GLASS – Each glass is unique on the shape and characteristics which is made by artisans, there are no lines running down the glass such as in pieces that are made using the machine blown process, you can feel practically seamless on the edge of your lips.
  • GENEROUS SIZE – Large bowls of 22.2 ounces in which your small pour of wine, whether red or white, has plenty of room to breathe and you can swish and swirl to your hearts’ content. Wines swirls beautifully in it and opens up nicely.
  • PERFECT DESIGN – You can hold it comfortably with the long stem, it focuses the aromas well and highlights the rich fruit flavors while tempering acidity because of the slight inward curve at the top. The rim is slight thickened to enhance the service life of the glasses without losing the elegance.
  • GOOD GIFT AND LIFETIME WARRANTY – Not only do sparkly wine glasses set the scene for a magical evening, they make the ideal gift for any wine enthusiast or pal who simply like to partake in a little wine drinking.

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