We Know What Has Been Missing From Your Kitchen!

A Wine Oak Electric Bottle Opener Of Course!

Have you ever tried so hard to uncork a bottle that the cork just fell inside the wine? Sick and tired of drinking cork crumbles along with the wine?

Nodding right? Put a stop to the never ending frustration of not being able to uncork a bottle of wine with the finest electric opener ever.

No more tired fingers. No more hand fatigue. No more bottles slipping off your hands!

Sip Quicker Your Favorite Wine From Now On! Uncork a Bottle Of Wine With The Touch Of A Button!

Combining durable aluminium craftsmanship, no tangled up wires and a comfy grip, this automatic rechargeable corkscrew opener is here to stay.

Carry it with you everywhere you go and enjoy your favorite wine even on the go. Perfect for both indoors and outdoors, picnics, beach excursions, wine tasting nights, BBQfiestas, travelling, road trips, and restaurants as well.

The wine opener measures 11.2×6.2×2.3” (28.5x16x6 cm) and comes with a temperature thermometer, a foil cutter, a wine pourer spout, a vacuum stopper, batteries, a charger, and a manual of course!

Attach the handy aerator spout to the bottleand help your wine breathe as it’s poured into the glass.

Uncork, aerate, pour, swirl,and sniff! Enjoy rich flavors and passionate wine aromas in the comfort of your living room!

5+ 1 Features That Make This Electric Wine Bottle Opener A keeper:

? Ergonomic.

? Powerful.

? Easy to use!

? Cordless.

? Compact.

? Luxurious!

What are you waiting for? Get yours today and an extra one as a housewarming gift!

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Product Features

  • OPEN ANY WINE BOTTLE EFFORTLESSLY: Struggling with stuck corks, weak bottle corkscrewsand messy kitchen countertops? If so, then our Wine Oak electric wine bottle opener is the way to go. With a full recharge it can open up to 80 wine bottles! Even the most difficult ones! Perfect for red, white, ros?wine, beer,champagne,and others.
  • POWERFUL SPIRAL OPENING MECHANISM:Engineered to make your life easier and your drinking experiences even more pleasurable, this robust wine bottle opener is equipped with a powerful corkscrew engine. The elegant aluminium frame will compliment your dining table and make every wine tasting night with your friends a hoot!
  • EACH WINE GIFT SETINCLUDES:4 batteries, a charger, and all of the essential gadgets to get you going.Enjoy winedrinking like you should. Use foil cutter to remove thebottleneckfoil, the vacuumstopper to keep the wine inside the bottle without drippingand without air, and the wine pourer as an aeratorto saturate the wine with oxygen!
  • ENJOY WINE AT THE PERFECT TEMPERATURE:Each electric wine bottle opener comes with a ring shaped temperature thermometer. Make sure your wine has just about the righttemperature before you uncork it. Just place the ring thermometer around the bottle, press the button and check the temperatureon the spot! Simple as that!
  • MAKE THE MOST THOUGHTFUL GIFT EVER:In search of the coolest and most practical gift to a wine enthusiast friend or beloved family member? The search ends right here, with the most elegant electric wine bottle opener. A Wine Oak bottle opener of course! Perfect for all wine lovers, men, women, your parents, boss, colleagues, and yourself!

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